2001 South Africa/Namibia
2002 Costa Rica & Florida
2003 Canada & USA
2004 South Africa

1990 Kenya
1991 Egypt
1996 Mexico & Guatemala
1997 Syria & Jordan
1998 USA
1999 Australia
2000 USA
2001 South Africa/Namibia
2002 Costa Rica & Florida
2003 Switzerland
2003 Canada & USA
2004 South Africa
2004 USA





The countries that we visited:

Travel Fever

Our first vacation outside of Europe was in 1990. We went on safari in Kenya with an international group. We thought it was terribly exiting and had to get accustomed to a vacation in another culture very much. But we started to be taken with the travel fever.
Still at that time we had no intention to travel a lot. But the next year we got married and we held our honeymoon in Egypt.
Because we moved and build our own house we took it slowly for a couple of years.
In the meantime we got American friends in Denver, Colorado, who we met on our safari in Kenya and they almost begged us to visit them. This happened in 1995. The year after that we won a trip to Mexico and Guatemala. And than it was Liberty Hall.

We really got a severe travel fever and since than travelling is our most important hobby.
At first we joined group trips but soon that changed. Nowadays we book a flight and a rental car and for the rest we go on spec.
We found out that our heart is with two things.
Our first passion it to drive in a 4x4 car through the desert, as far away as possible from the civilized world and do primitive bush camping.
And secondly we would like to watch wildlife. At the moment we ask ourselves what kind of animal we like to see, where does it live, and than up we go, if possible.
That is why at this time our most favourite destinations are America, Canada, Africa and Australia.

And than we also have a nice large sweet Great Pyrenees. During our travels she has a dog-sitter in our own home. But once a year she gets a vacation too and we are allowed to go with her. As a Pyrenean Mountain Dog she chooses mountains of course and we drive her there.

Photography always was a hobby of Maud but because of the travelling it has gotten out of hand a little bit. And later she found another hobby in building a website. And the only subject it could have was of course travelling and photography.
We like to share our travels with others and hope to give you some ideas. If you have any questions you can always mail us: info@hansenmaud.nl.
We hope you enjoy our homepage.

Hans & Maud