30 september

After Yellowstone we have to drive a long 1250 miles back to the airport in Vancouver. There is hardly any time to undertake something along the road and we don't feel like doing that anyway. The memories of Yellowstone are still too pretty.

But we always liked to see some of the ghost towns of the old wild west. In Montana it is teeming of them and we look for one that is on our way.
It is Garnet Ghost Town, an abandoned gold mining town. We reach the ghost town by a very bad road. Unfortunately it is closed so we cannot go inside the nicest buildings. But we can have a peep through the windows. Luckily there still is an interpretive leaflet available so we can read some more about the history of this town and its inhabitants. It makes it all more vivid.

After this visit we drive a long way to Vancouver. And with that ends a very nice vacation in which we saw much more bears than we had ever hoped for. And next to that we had a lot of good nature experiences.