24 and 25 september

We have some time left in our itinerary and we decide to visit Waterton Lakes National Park. Here too we decide to stay the night just outside the park.
Fall is now at its best in Waterton Lakes. The blaze of color is overwhelming. And we didn't expect it anymore but we see another black bear. It eats berries on the side of the road. He stands on his back legs for a while but apparently finds that too tiring. So he sits down to eat some more. It's a weird sight.

We decide to drive to Yellowstone through Glacier National Park. Actually you need much more time to fully enjoy this park. But it is also very pretty from the road's view. And we even see some mountain goats lying on a rock above the road. Unfortunately the wind is much to high to make pictures.

On the road to Great Falls we pass by the Glacier Park Lodge. The lobby is very worth while according to our guide book. And it is indeed very pretty with those towering trees.

We spend a night in a dreadful motel in Great Falls. At first we choose a cheaper motel that looks quit friendly. It is not one that is normally visited by Dutch people. The girl at the reception literally starts dancing when she finds out that we are Dutch. She has never met Dutch people and finds that amazing. But she only has rooms left with a small double bed and agrees that we can't sleep in that. She points out another cheap but good motel. But you leave "good". The owner is the opposite of that girl: gruff and short with us. And the room is so sleazy that I am glad that I can close my eyes most of the time. We start to understand why most Dutch people stick to the well known chain-motels.

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