22 and 23 september

We have seen enough of mountains, forests and lakes for a while so we drive to the Badlands of Alberta. We head for Drumheller. A desolate town that lives from the fact that a lot of dinosaur bones are found in this area.
The visitor center has the large dinosaur in the world. It is really a bit of a tacky town. Every street corner has a fake dinosaur. The surrounding is nice but the hiking opportunities are a bit disappointing..

The next morning we visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum. It is marvelous! What a beautiful museum and that in a hole like Drumheller. We read that the museum is visited by two million people each year and that is not for nothing. You walk through the history of the planet. It is all so beautiful that we viewed every object and read every sign. We have never done that before in any other museum. They can draw upon a huge collection of fossils to design it all. In the Dinosaur Hall are 40 different skeletons on display.

After our visit it is time to see where all the skeletons come from. A lot are excavated in the Dinosaur Provincial Park. It's a beautiful piece of nature where you can walk to old excavation sites. The recent sites can only be visited with a guide. Unfortunately these tours can only be booked in the weekends (off season) and we have to be out of here by than. We regret that very much.

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